Sugar Bomb Perfume

Celebration Pack

Rejoice the new beginning with SugarBomb’s Celebration Pack; a fragrance set to refresh anytime and anywhere with 3 most awaited 10ml fragrance: Diva Flame, Love Spell and Summer Love. Perfect for gift and self-treat in commencing positivity this year.

Diva Flame (Shadow)


Diva Flame is totally mesmerizing as it gives you an overall scent of lush without being heavy, floral without being dowdy and full of chiffon-like depth and light. This crowd pleaser takes flight with fresh notes of bergamot and peach. As the initial scintillating notes settle, the floral notes begin to unfold into a vibrant armful of roses with delicate jasmine as the heart and finally to the silky drydown of musk and vanilla as the base.


Let this fragrance put a spell on you as you discover your personal charm with the voluptuous blend of richly citrusy and fruity notes of grapefruit, peach and berry. These fresh notes blending well with a heart of flowers like freesia, muguet and gardenia that sit on top of a smooth base of powdery sandalwood to portray a playful yet sensual feeling like it’s name; Love Spell.

Love Spell (Shadow)
Summer Love (Shadow)


This unisex fragrance opens on fruity and aquatic accords which immediately takes you to a romantic stroll on the beach on bright Summer days. The perfume begins with refreshing grapefruit and sensual undertone of magnolia to deepen the bright, watery zest. Such head turns aroma like that is then soften by the heart of the fragrance as the green apple note rises from tuberose and lily of the valley, and bedded down on a base of cool sandalwood and silken amber.