Sugar Bomb Perfume

New Arrival 30ml EDP

We carry the best new perfumes from SugarBomb as well as your favorite. 
Shop the finest selection of our new look 30ml perfume.

 Dream Angel 30ml 

A perfect “pick-me-up” scent. The opening is very fresh and fruity due to notes of Mandarin, lemon, grapefruit and blueberry. All blended with flowery as well as woody and a base of Musky and Ambery.



Magic Madness 30ml

The Vanilla and floral-meets-woody aroma is subtly decadent and also smells rich and elegant. Its unique notes of jasmine and saffron, and cedarwood so well that many call it one of the few truly universally flattering scents for men and women.



Love Fate 30ml

The sensuality of our signature musk is enveloped by Rose and Muguet with notes of powdery and woody amber sensual musk. Love Fate will make you feel unstoppable. One spritz, two spritzes…it’s all down to you.



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