Sugar Bomb Perfume

Scan & Win Ogos

Stand a chance to win


With this Scan & Win Contest

The Scan & Win August Contest gives ALL Malaysian a chance to win big either a motorcycle or cordless vacuum and other exciting prizes.
  1. Grab Sugarbomb’s products that have QR Code on the packaging
  2. Scratch the QR Code and scan
  3. Once you have scanned the QR Code, you will be required to fill in your details.
  4. Join and watch our FB Live, Scan & Win August Winners Announcement on 1st September 2021 to see if you are the lucky winner

Contest period starts from 2nd August 2021 – 31st August 2021.

YES! The Scan & Win August Contest opens to all.

The contest is applicable to all Sugarbomb’s product that has QR Code

Air Freshener: Lemon Twist, Creamy Vanilla, Sakura Essence, Pomegranate Crystal, Spooky Dew, Cool Ocean, Woody Sauvage, Bloomy Love, Tutti Fruity, Fresh Lavender, Grape Mania and Strawberry Sorbet

EDP 30ml: Kanda, Dinda, Aromatic Adventurous, Floral Obession

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AROMATIC DIFFUSER NEW LOOK NOW 60ml + FREE 40ml Dari 60ML Kami upgrade atas permintaan ramai, kini kami UPGRADE ke 100ml .. LEBIH BESAR,LEBIH WANGI,LEBIH BERBALOI-BALOI Wujudkan suasana istimewa di ruangan anda dengan Aromatic Diffuser Sugarbomb. Dengan keharuman yang memikat, ia akan mencipta ruang yang santai dan menyenangkan WANGIAN YANG LEBIH TAHAN LAMA DAN BERPATUTAN, TAK


Pinktober Campaign 2022 By SugarBomb

Each year in October, SugarBomb launches the “Pinktober” campaign in support of breast cancer awareness. Pinktober is synonymous to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that promotes upbeat simple awareness messages about breast cancer and encourages people to participate in pink ribbon culture and the war against breast cancer especially through the pink paraphernalia design. 1