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SugarBomb celebrated the worries and bringing awareness on breast cancer. With pink colors everywhere, SugarBomb showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the long-standing campaign which means something different to different people whether it is to celebrate strength and survival. Pinktober is our annual breast cancer awareness month and with breast cancer still being one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in women across the world. We celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month for our loved ones!

Product Pinktober

SugarBomb celebrated the month of Pinktober by selling SugarBomb’s perfume, merchandise and our support box. A wonderful scent will absolutely give you a boost of confidence. Why not make your signature scent of the month whether you are going to the office, a date, or even a day out with friends.

Our brand new Support Box in conjunction with Pinktober Campaign. This box contains our amazingly sweet ‘sweet fantasy’ and the unique ‘Citrus Insanity’ that will make you go crazy with it’s scents! Also in the box our new pink and cream tote bag and an originally designed twilly! Proceed from this support box will be going to support life-saving cancer research at local university.

30ml EDP perfume

Sweet Bombshell. Vanillavie, Sweet Scandalous, Sweet Fantasy, Floral Flora, Aromatic Illusion, Aromatic Eternity and Citrus Insanity 


Totebag and Twilly

Support Box

30ml perfume, twilly and totebag

EDP 30ml
Support Box

Pinktober Awareness through IG Story

During Pinktober, SugarBomb actively promotes breast cancer awareness through instagram story for everyone

Blogspot: 'We Care, We Share' #Ambilberatpunwangi







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Pinktober Fundraiser Challenge

Fund Raising Pinktober

Each year in October, SugarBomb launches the Pinktober Campaign in support of breast cancer awareness.

Pinktober is synonymous to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month that promotes upbeat simple awareness messages about breast cancer and encourages people to participate in pink ribbon culture and the war against breast cancer especially through the pink paraphernalia design. 1 in 8 women in the world are diagnosed at one point in their leaves, of which 85% did not have any family history of breast cancer.

In conjunction with this Pinktober campaign, SugarBomb have funded RM 15,000 from the sales of Pinktober products (Pinktober perfume, twilly, canvas bag and Support Box) together with the funds we raised through Kita Fund platform to UPM-MAKNA Cancer Research Laboratory (CANRES). The fund was given on 17th November 2021 at the CANRES Open Day, Bioscience Institute, University Putra Malaysia.

This Open Day was a collaboration of CANRES researches, Bioscience Institution management and National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA). This program is a starting point to create public awareness of cancer research in UPM.

Thank You for supporting Pinktober campaign !