Sugar Bomb Perfume
Aspire to achieve more in life

Nak Wangi?
Je Lah!

- SugarBomb
Achieving more together
- SugarBomb

BOMBinated History

Find out how the journey began, from a humble workshop to our own factory

BOMBastic Scents

Released more than 100 unique scents to the market

BOMBproof Support

More than 10,000 agents nationwide. Join us on our mission to bring the finest fragrances to the masses

“Korang mesti cuba geng! Dah cuba ni, mesti tak cari lain”

“You guys need to try this! Once you’ve tried it, there’s no turning back.” Nabil Ahmad
Pelawak, Pelakon, Pengacara.
(Comedian, Actor, TV Host)

BOMBastic Choices

More than 30 choices of perfumes for you to grab now

Expanding Horizons

Home to over a hundred unique scents, we constantly strive to produce the highest quality of fragrances for our customers. Find out how a humble home workshop transformed into a massive factory here!

Factory @ Meru, Klang Selangor

Our biggest accomplishment yet! 4 years of hard work led us to open a large 3-acre factory to produce and supply the finest fragrances to our customers!

Regional HQ @ Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

After successfully diving into the perfume industry, one of our earlier achievements takes on the form of this factory.

BOMBastic reviews from well-known personalities!

We exploded our way into their hearts and souls!

“Perfume bumiputera tapi bertaraf antarabangsa. ”

“Bumiputera perfume with international standard.” Riena Diana
Pelakon, Penyampai Radio
(Actress, Radio Announcer)

“Rasa confident sangat lepas pakai wangian dari SugarBomb”

“I am brimming with confidence after spraying SugarBomb’s perfume” Ezzaty Abdullah

“Seharian shooting, aroma SugarBomb masih tak hilang”

“The scent of SugarBomb stays on me even after a full day of filming.” Izzue Islam
Pelakon, Penyanyi.
(Actor, Singer)

“Bau dia wangi ala-ala luxury ha!”

“The fragrance smells luxurious!.” Achey
Pelakon, Penyanyi.
(Actor, Singer)

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Pinktober 2022

New Arrival

New Look 30ml EDP

We carry the best new perfumes from SugarBomb as well as your favorite. Shop the finest selection of our new look 30ml perfume.

New Arrival

Travel Pack Raya

Our Travel Pack Raya, bringing you three collection of fragrances in one package. Available in small & convenient packages for you to carry around.

Give space! Now there are multiple ways to shop.

Your safety is our priority, we have introduced more ways to shop so you can get our products in the comfort of your homes.